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리눅스관련 직종 안내해주는 사이트 오픈

게시판 새소식/정보 리눅스관련 직종 안내해주는 사이트 오픈

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    리눅스관련 개발자에게 희소식입니다. 직종 안내해주는 사이트가 오픈되었습니다.
    사이트 주소는 입니다. 해외로 취업하시려는 분들에게 유익할수
    있겠다는 생각이 듭니다. 이제 명실공리 리눅서가 굶어 죽지 않을까? 하는 세상은
    옛날말로 기억되어 가고 있네요..^^

    Linux powering nearly every mobile device that hits the market, the
    demand for Linux-related jobs is rapidly growing despite national
    unemployment figures. Combine this with the ongoing success of
    companies such as Red Hat and it’s easy to see why demand for Linux
    professionals is on the rise.
    That’s why has added an important
    function that will connect job seekers, employers, and recruiters. is the community-meeting place for all matters Linux and is
    the destination for millions of Linux professionals every month; it is
    the natural forum for the industry’s most comprehensive jobs board, now
    located at
    The JobThread Network agrees and has partnered with to host a worldwide selection of Linux job openings. So,
    employers can tap both the millions of people that visit and
    the JobThread Network’s more than 50 niche publishing sites that
    generate 50 million impressions and reach more than 9.8 million unique
    visitors every month. community member profiles will illustrate
    their knowledge and contributions to the community and can connect
    employers to their LinkedIn profiles and resumes. Employers and
    recruiters can easily and quickly find the best Linux gurus for the
    best positions.
    Jobs have been the collective focus of much of the
    US population over the past two years and with the national
    unemployment rate stuck at 10 percent, it’s hard to see the light at
    the end of the tunnel. But the good news is that IT could be the
    industry that leads out of the dark abyss. And Linux is a particularly
    lucrative skill to possess.

    * 오픈소스는 Open Innovationa & 윈윈전략을 도모할 지언정 절대 공짜(무료)임을 뜻하지 않는다.치

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      헐ㅤㅋㅟㅋㅋㅋㅋ 어쨌든 전 한국의 중1일 뿐...
      이제 중2될 따름인데;;

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      꿈을 가지세요. 그러면 이루는 일만 남은겁니다.^^

      * 오픈소스는 Open Innovationa & 윈윈전략을 도모할 지언정 절대 공짜(무료)임을 뜻하지 않는다.치

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