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slabtop이 참고하는 proc 정보들

게시판 Tech/Tip slabtop이 참고하는 proc 정보들

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    slabtop이 참고하는 proc 정보들

    The information that the analysis tool displays is captured from files in the /proc file system
    on the target. This is a virtual file system – the file contents are dynamically generated by
    the kernel each time the files are read. Specifically, the tool parses the information in the
    following proc directories:
               high-level memory information for the system
               information about the modules installed on the system
               information about the contents of the kernel's internal slab allocator
               map of the physical memory layout of the system
               detailed information about each running process
           (a separate subdirectory exists for each process, where PID is the process ID of the process)
               high-level status information about the process
               detailed information about the resident, shared, and private mapped pages of a process

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